Honkai Star Rail: Upcoming characters in version 2.3 in the future

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This is a quick guide for you to know the two exciting new characters showing up in the upcoming version 2.3 of Honkai: Star rail.

Honkai: Star Rail is a role-playing game with the theme of space fantasy by the famous HoYoverse. Players as Trailblazers, will step on the Astral Express to explore the whole galaxy and the universe. In their adventure with companions along the journey, they will deal with disasters caused by Stellaron and gradually reveal the mystery of the world. To enjoy the best audio-visual performance, we recommend playing Honkai: Star Rail on Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro!

Honkai Star Rail: Upcoming characters in version 2.3 in the future


Honkai: Star Rail is about to release their newest version – version 2.3 real soon! In this upcoming version, new stories as well as new characters, relics, and even new events with rerunning characters. Before the new server comes up, there will be a short period of time for maintenance on June 18th or 19th, depending on your timezone. Make sure you plan well before this maintenance.

Character design has always been one of the elements that HoYoverse is well-known for and characters in Honkai: Star Rail is no exception. In this game, obtainable characters each are paired with an element, follow a specific path, and can be equipped with different relics as long as they fit their path. These characters can be available through stories, events and passes.

In this article, we will shortly introduce you 2 upcoming characters in this future version of Honkai: Star Rail: Firefly and Jade. When these two character was first revealed this April on Twitter(X), they received a huge amount of positive feedback. And now it’s finally the time for Firefly and Jade to be available and playable!


Honkai Star Rail: Upcoming characters in version 2.3 in the future

As a result of genetic modification, Firefly has always been suffering the pain of Entropy Loss Syndrome and was born with the identity of human weapon, she finds her fate so agonizing – once in her previous warrior life, she even had to explode the whole planet despite her teammate was still there, by her teammate’s wish.

Looking at that mass grave and thinking over and over again about her teammate’ s dead wish, she couldn’t help but contemplate her past life. Therefore, she decided to join Stellaron Hunters for pursuing the meaning of her own life. A way to escape from this painful fate, is what she always looking for. After joining Stellaron Hunters, she covered herself in a mechanical armor called “SAM”. And people always call SAM “the Molten Knight SAM”.


Honkai Star Rail: Upcoming characters in version 2.3 in the future

Jade is yet another attractive character who everybody is waiting for, desperately, not only because of her appearance but also her appealing characteristic. She’s a cold but elegant moneylender with a knack for reading people's minds.

Corresponding with her mature appearance, she is also very successful in her career and has a high hierarchy. Being one of the Ten Stonehearts and the senior manager in the IPC Startegic Investment Department, she has a cornerstone called “Jade of Credit”.

She has her special attitude toward her career: She’s always willing to wait patiently for something of high value to be acquired, and adept at extracting value from customers who seem to have nothing to offer.

If you can’t wait to obtain these 2 charming characters and wanna experience with them their stories, we recommend you to play Honkai: Star Rail on your macbook with MuMuPlayer Pro.


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