5 Must-play Fun Games in Roblox

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Here’s a list of recommendation for those Roblox fun games that are one hundred percent worth playing!

Here in Roblox, you can imagine and experience anything you like because it is designed to be a fun virtual universe where creativity and interaction are highly valued. To enjoy the best audio-visual performance, we recommend playing Roblox on Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro! For more guides, please review the list below:How to play Roblox on Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro

5 Must-play Fun Games in Roblox


1. Adopt Me!

5 Must-play Fun Games in Roblox -- Adopt Me

If you are searching for a soft, cute yet not boring roblox game, then Adopt Me is a perfect choice for you! This game combines mechanics like pet-raising and life-simulation. In this cute, little fun game, you can spend time with the pets you decide to adopt. Besides normal puppies and kittens, you can even adopt unicorns and dragons! Also, you get to decorate and furnish your own house in this game, or participate in different kinds of events like festivals or quests.

Not only the atmosphere of the game itself is good, but its player community is friendly. You can easily get help or exchange items, which makes the game even more worth playing. Come and check this game if you are fond of peace and love!

2. LOCOfficial

5 Must-play Fun Games in Roblox -- LOCOfficial

Are you a fan of the world-famous card game UNO? Have you played it on your PC? Have you ever played it with applications on your mobile phone? If you have, but have you ever played it in ROBLOX?

LOCOfficial is a fun roblox game which offers you the exact gaming experience as when you actually play UNO, or maybe more. Created in January 2022, it has now gained more than 190k like on Roblox. In LOCOfficial, players will take turns to draw and play cards as long as the card you are gonna play matches the color or/and the number of the previous one. The player who is about to play their second-to-last card should call Official or they will have to draw 2 cards. And the one who first runs out of their cards wins.

This is only the most basic gameplay in LOCOfficial. If you’d like to customize your own rules and team up with your friend, don’t hesitate to try out LOCOfficial!

3. The Wild West

5 Must-play Fun Games in Roblox -- The Wild West

If you are a fun of Red Dead Redemption, or Westworld, or you are just so fond of wild west theme, you definitely don’t want to miss out The Wild West in Roblox. Here, you will be an experienced explorer whose dream is to have great success in the mountains. You can also be an outlaw, who only lives for yourself. Or you want to hund down those outlaws? Oh, maybe you can just spend time hunting down animals. What person do you want to be out in the wild west? It’s your call.

4. Natural Disaster Survival

5 Must-play Fun Games in Roblox -- Natural Disaster Survival

Almost on all the posts where people try to recommend fun roblox game of high quality, there will always be a game on the top of the list – Natural Disaster Survival. Though it was early published in 2008, it’s still famous in the player community. Up until June 2024, there are more than 2.9 billion visits to the game, according to the fanwiki.

Natural Disaster Survival is a typical survival game where you need to run for your life. In this game, there are 12 different disasters in about 22 random maps from sky tower to prison, waiting for you. For Each round these disasters will show up randomly on a small, green island. You will experience extreme disasters like blizzard, volcanic eruption, tornado, tsunami and others.

5. Piggy

5 Must-play Fun Games in Roblox -- Piggy

Wanna play horror games? Don’t worry! There are also tons of brilliant horror games in roblox and Piggy is one of them.

If you have ever played games where you should escape a mansion while hiding from a horrendous person/creature, just like Granny, Hello Neighbor or Evil Nun, and if you love the intensity and the blood-curdling experience they gave you, you really should try out Piggy in Roblox.

In this game, you need to escape from the house and the scary pink little piggy who holds a baseball bat and is ready to bonk you. Don’t hesitate for this cute but cruel challenge. Hope you could make it!

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