Honkai: Star Rail - Latest Update Insights

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Experience the thrilling conclusion of the Penacony's storyline and meet new characters in the latest update of Honkai: Star Rail. Engage in challenging puzzles, collect numerous chests, and explore new dreamscape mechanics while acquiring stickers and stellar rewards.


Honkai: Star Rail" Update Overview

In the recent update of Honkai: Star Rail , players can experience the exciting conclusion of the Penacony's storyline. This update not only brings closure to the existing narrative but also introduces new characters such as Robin and Boothill. Players can now acquire a new form of Trailblazer, encounter new dreamscape mechanics, and engage in challenging puzzles while collecting numerous chests and origami birds.

Additionally, three new chapters have been incorporated into the Dreamscape Pass sticker collection, significantly increasing the total number of stickers to a staggering 210. The collection of these stickers not only rewards players with additional stellar jades for every 20 stickers found but also through the completion of the required amount of stickers in each chapter. These stickers also serve as sentimental tokens of the player's journey through the Penacony storyline.

Players have various methods to obtain these stickers, including automatic acquisition during Trailblazer quests, discovering them as floating books, or being observant of hidden interactions.

This update truly broadens the horizons of the game, offering both a fulfilling conclusion to the existing storyline and exciting new elements for players to explore and enjoy.


In the most recent chapter, 13 new stickers have been introduced for players to discover. Among them, 10 belong to the illustrated stickers category, while the remaining 3 are note stickers. These stickers can be found as floating books or by interacting with specific NPCs. The interactions required are shorter compared to previous chapters, and most areas can be unlocked more quickly by completing the trailblazer mission entirely. It is recommended for players to finish the mission before starting their quest to find all the stickers.

Similar to chapters 15 and 16, all 13 stickers in this chapter are located within the newly introduced area, the Penacony Grand Theater. Despite the numerous dreamscapes in this area, players will be relieved to know that they do not need to navigate through any of them to find all the stickers. However, it is still advisable for players to thoroughly explore all dreamscapes to uncover treasures and origami birds scattered throughout Penacony Grand Theater.

Illustrated Sticker How to Obtain


Teleport to the Saloon of Gospels Space Anchor where the Great Tree is located. Head to the small room behind the curtain and initiate a special instance. Inside, interact with Lady Black Claw and use the clockwork on her after the dialogue. Players will not be able to change her emotion at this point. However, after speaking to her again, they will have the opportunity to obtain the sticker.


Sticker Locations and Quests

After teleporting to the ascension hallway space anchor, head north and enter the first room to the left, known as the reception hall. In the middle of the room, you will find the sticker floating as a book.


Head to the Hall of Chords Space Anchor and ascend the platform located directly behind it using the stairs on either side. You will find the sticker on the ledge overlooking the hall. It can be obtained as a floating book amidst the starlight congregation.


After completing the hidden mission, known as Robin's quest, players will receive a text message from Robin when they pass through the Ascension Hallway Space Anchor and move north. They can find the lost property near the stairs after teleporting to the Echo of War: Salutations of Ashen Dreams. Upon picking up the item, they should teleport back to the Ascension Hallway and move towards the Reception Hall to find an NPC named Elegant Intellitron, who is actually Robin in disguise, calling out to the Trailblazer. After completing this dialogue, players will obtain the program list sticker and unlock "The Feather He Dropped" achievement.


In the dreamscape where act i of the trailblazer quest in the Penacony Grand Theater takes place, players can discover the sticker situated in front of the dreamscape. Specifically, it can be found in the dreamscape west of the Hall of Chords space anchor.


The sticker in the dancer 2 level can be discovered in front of the curtain leading to the hidden instance for act II of the Trailblazer quest in the Penacony Grand Theater. This location is situated northeast of the Saloon of Gospels space anchor. Make sure to locate it before opening the curtain to find the Lady Black Claw NPC.


In Honkai: Star Rail, players will come across the sticker in front of the dreamscape where Act III of the Trailblazer quest at the Penacony Grand Theater unfolds. This sticker is situated in the dreamscape to the east of the Hall of Chords space anchor.


Upon unlocking the Chapter 17 sticker collection, players will automatically obtain the "Tomorrow in Harmonious Chords" sticker. This can be achieved by acquiring any of the stickers available in this chapter through various means.


Once players unlock the chapter 17 sticker collection, they will automatically obtain the 'Stars of Morning and Night Dreamscape Pass' sticker. This sticker is a symbol of the journey through the dreamlike world of Honkai: Star Rail, where players are immersed in a captivating and surreal experience. It represents the culmination of their efforts and the adventures that await them as they progress through the game.


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