10 prodigies who moved to new clubs in Football Manager 2024 (Part1)

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"Football Manager 2024" is now officially launched. In addition to the many new features and functions to experience, the new generation of "Football Manager" also means a new generation of prodigies and team building ideas waiting for players to explore.

"Football Manager 2024" is now officially launched. In addition to the many new features and functions to experience, the new generation of "Football Manager" also means a new generation of prodigies and team building ideas waiting for players to explore.

Ivan Fresneda (Sporting CP)

After being highly profiled throughout the summer transfer period, the Spanish full-back finally landed at Sporting CP. The team will likely be delighted with this smart signing for seasons to come.

Fresneda is one of the first-choice players for the right-back position in "Football Manager 2023" - he is capable of playing both full-back and wing-back positions, and is talented in all aspects. At only 18 years old, he already has good speed, determination, positioning, anticipation, marking, tackling, work input and physical strength, which is enough to be qualified for a starting role in a first-line team.

"Football Manager 2024" introduces the role of "tuck-in full-back" for the first time. This role not only increases the team's offensive width, but can also be recycled inside after the team launches a wave of offense, becoming a second-row defender. The role of centre-back. I think Fresneda is a perfect fit to be put in this position.

Elye Wahi (Lens FC)

Elijah Vahi is also one of the high-profile prodigies in Football Manager 2023. He has made a name for himself in France over the past few years, scoring 19 goals and six assists for Montpellier last season - a performance that was enough for him to be spotted and signed by Lens. Lens finished second in Ligue 1 last season and secured a Champions League spot.

In Football Manager, Vashi's improvement is reflected in his ability scores. He has all the qualities an ideal striker should have - pace, acceleration, off-the-ball movement, composure, finishing, dribbling and technique.

At only 20 years old, Vahi is heading towards a bright future. His extremely high ceiling will help your managerial career gradually reach the peak.

Yunus Musah (FC Milan)

You may have all noticed this prodigy in the midfield position in recent generations of games. Yonas Musa's stable performance in the club and national team has made Milan regard him as one of their primary recruitment targets this summer.

Moussa's comprehensive skills coupled with balanced physical, mental and technical values allow him to play both defensive and attacking midfield roles. This gives you a lot of room to maneuver in the midfield when setting up your formation - especially this year as we incorporate more positional tactics.

The young Musa has played nearly 30 games for the US national team. There is no doubt that his future is limitless.

Abakar Sylla (Strasbourg FC)

Although Abakar Sylla is still a little-known kid in Football Manager 2023, we suspect that the defender's name will soon be spread throughout the Football Manager 2024 player collective.

Last season was the 20-year-old Ivory Coast player's first year in the professional arena, but his amazing performance in Bruges this year was enough for him to be spotted by Strasbourg, and he was signed to the club this summer with a deal A record-breaking transfer fee brought him in.

Sylla has a strong body, flexible feet, and excellent aerial skills. His status as a left-footed general makes him even more valuable. In "Football Manager 2024", the most prominent are his mental attributes: Bravery 16, Aggression 18, Leadership 19. It is perfect to build an iron-clad defense around him.

Tiago Tomás (Wolfsburg Football Club)

The Portuguese striker in Football Manager has always been one for managers to keep an eye on. If you have the same vision as we do, Thiago Tomas has been on many of the selection lists of past generations of Football Manager.

Thomas came from the prestigious Sporting CP youth academy. He was promoted to the first team and scored goals at the age of 18. He has since played for Portugal many times in U17, U18, U19 and U21 games. After the 18-month loan expired, Wolfsburg of the Bundesliga locked the youngster with a contract. In his first eight games for Wolfsburg, he has scored three goals.

Thomas in "Football Manager 2024" has lightning speed and excellent work input, aggression and determination values. He is very suitable as a pressing forward who is good at countering offside and has a keen sense of goal position. With Lovro Majer and Joakim Mæhle, long-time favorites of Football Manager players, joining Thomas at Wolfsburg in the summer, this A team will be an interesting choice for Football Manager 2024 players when creating new saves.

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